Eco Tourism

We really try to be eco friendly –so yes, we do the easy things (like using low-energy bulbs and eco-friendly detergents) but we’ve also put our hands in our pockets andcarried out several eco-friendly projects to help the environment, including solar panels and water capture systems - read more about them.

Here are the things we do to help -

Food miles
We serve as much local food as possible, and support local farms and producers, including -

  • home-made jams, marmalades and honey from the local WI market
  • home-grown fruit and tomatoes when in season
  • free-range eggs from our own hens, some of which are rescued battery hens

  • We recycle tins, plastic, paper, cardboard, textiles, glass and batteries
  • We compost all green waste from the kitchen and garden, and boost it with chicken manure
  • We minimise the use of packaged products (within the requirements of hygiene and practicality)
  • We harvest rainwater for garden watering
  • Towels and bedding are dried outside whenever the weather allows